Benjamin Grenard

Benjamin Grenard practices Pneumaphony and Einophony in Lyon and the surrounding area. He also leads workshops all over France as well as in London.

He has been studying Pneumaphony with Serge Wilfart* for 10 years, and is one of the few practitioners recognized by the founder of this method. In 2015, he founded, jointly with Serge Wilfart, the Serge Wilfart International Association of Pneumaphony (AIPSW) which ensures the protection and respect of the method. He is still vice-president of the Association and continues, both within the Association and through his own practice, to develop a rigorous and creative way of practicing Pneumaphony. You can follow his practice as a pneumaphonist on Du Souffle à la Voix.

In 2016, after testing and trying for several months, he created Einophony with Bernard Sensfelder, after realizing the similarities between François Roustang’s and Serge Wilfart’s approaches. He got interested in hypnosis and is trained in non-Ericksonian hypnosis, Roustang’s one, while sharing his own tools with Bernard Sensfelder. He considers Einophony as an extension of Pneumaphony that connects between his various experiences of therapy and shamanism, while allowing him to guide people in a more accurate way.

He sees people during individual sessions of Einophony in Lyon and the surrounding area, resulting from his interaction with Bernard Sensfelder, the Wilfart method and his own approach.

* Serge Wilfart published in 1997 a book about the practice of Pneumaphony and its principles: “Le Chant de l’Être”.