Alessandra Giannuzzi

Einophonist, speech therapist specializing in vocal rehabilitation, lyric singer and voice teacher, Alessandra Giannuzzi has always been passionate about the voice.

She leads her musical and medical studies at the same time and obtains a 1st prize for singing in Cannes then her DFE at the centralized competition of the conservatories of Paris. Winner of different
competition, she follows the teaching of Jean Giraudeau (tenor) in his interpretation class and of Maria Sartova. His stage commitment led him to participate in numerous recitals, comic operas and operettas as a soloist and to create his comic opera troupe in 2010.
After graduating in speech therapy in 1995 with her thesis entitled Altists and sopranists of yesterday and today, it is only natural that she specializes in vocal rehabilitation. In 2007, his meeting with the phoniatrist Benoît Amy de la Bretèque marked a new turning point in his understanding of breath, resonance and voice.

For 30 years, she has been walking an initiatory path through breath and song ... at the
discovery of herself and others.

The discovery of eïnophonie in 2019 with Benjamin Grenard then eïnotherapy with Bernard Sensfelder in 2020 is a real revelation ... Eïnophonie provides him with answers to an already strong intuition: if dysphonias can have exclusively physiological causes (the after-effects of an operation, a drug treatment,…), often, these disorders do not happen by chance, they are the expression of the body in the face of suffering (conscious or not). It is therefore essential to take the person as a whole. Einophony goes to the heart of this suffering by listening to the body, to its availability (or not), while fully respecting the individual. It reconnects voice and body in a lasting and effective way.

Alessandra Giannuzzi integrates this tool into her practice in individual support at Rambouillet and leads internships at the national level within the eïnophonie team.