Mylène Mathieu

Mylene Mathieu practices Einotherapy and Einophony in Lyon, France. She sees people during individual sessions and conducts workshops in France and abroad.

She originally graduated in Science at ENS Lyon, obtaining a Master degree of Research in Complex Systems, then broadened her skills with a MSc. in International Hospitality Management, at EM Lyon and Institute Paul Bocuse.

Seeking to develop her voice, she started practicing Pneumaphony in 2015 where she met Benjamin Grenard et Bernard Sensfelder. After completing training in Einotherapy with B. Sensfelder himself – the founder – she became one of the few people practicing this method in France.

Her vast experience in body practices gives her a unique approach. With 20 years of contemporary dance, 8 years of energy practice through various martial arts, and personally experiencing chronical pain for 10 years, she became an expert in every aspect of the body: sensations, emotions, movements. Using her intimate knowledge to guide people through their own sensations, she leads them towards autonomy and self-awareness.

She explores the potential of hypnosis in other areas such as sports, language learning, health and creative processes.